Blue Hour Sessions: The unknown force of Tiramisu

OS: You guys have been around for more than a decade and it’s clear that you’ve left a mark on the current indie scene in Singapore. How do you think it’s changed over the past decade or so? 
Rizman: It has definitely changed tremendously — from the mindset, to the venues, and to the audience. With the Internet, music is so easily accessible, compared to the days where we had to find various ways of discovering music and bands we were interested in. Mixtapes were one of those options which allowed us to learn about new music, as well as reading fanzines about local bands, as there weren’t many gigs back then. In those days, we had The Substation, the World Trade Centre amphitheatre, and of course the polytechnic gig circuits. We tended to meet the same people at every gig — I guess that was when the community was tighter.

Perhaps now, the scene is more progressive and there are more venues to play at. The arrival of social media makes it so convenient that it is becoming a challenge to attract people to attend gigs. Nevertheless, the scene is blooming and the fact that you can see more young people forming new bands is very heartening. In our hearts, we know that the future of local music is not bleak, but full of excitement and surprises.

You’re one helluva showman on stage. Are there any particular performers who have inspired this in you?
I grew up listening to a lot of music, but I am truly inspired by Hafiz of Stomping Ground; when I first saw him on stage, I was totally blown away by his stage presence, it was a life-changing experience for me. I realised how the stage can be a space of catharsis for the performer.

Apart from that, I was also into Michael Jackson, Iggy Pop, King Diamond, Ronny James Dio, Mike Patton, David Bowie, Sudirman Hj Arshad, David Byrne, and many other eccentric singers along the way. I am an amalgamation of all these influences, and I am combining all of them to become a brand new animal on stage.

Well, some would even go as far as to say that rather than performing straight up ‘music music’, Tiramisu are instead, performance artists who incorporate music into their shows. How true is this, and how thin is the line between showmanship and performance art?
We have been doing this for years, as it is our comfort zone, and in our world it is the norm. We are just a group of happy musicians who love dressing up on stage and appearing ‘out of this world’ when presenting our music. Perhaps, at the same time, we are blurring the boundary between musicality and showmanship. We embrace idiocy in our outlook, not as clowns but as agents in the modification of lives. We love the notion of the audience laughing with or laughing at us, as it makes the world a less cruel place to live in.

You don’t play live too often, and it seems that every show you announce becomes a pretty highly anticipated one. Is there a reason you choose to gig so sparsely?
We have been really selective in playing live partly due to our working schedules, most of us are tied up with our jobs. The effort it takes to get people together is the most difficult part of it all, but we consciously try to make every live show we play as memorable as possible.

What do you hope for people to take away from your live shows?
Every Tiramisu show is experiential, and we make it a point for the audience to get a ‘WTF’ feeling when they leave the space. Confused yet fulfilled and entertained in the strangest way possible. Like being touched by an unknown force and acknowledging the sensation at the same time.




By Melissa Yong

Lomography Blue Hour Sessions
with Tiramisu, .gif, and 7nightsatsea
Lomography Gallery Store
Saturday, 23 November

Lomography’s Blue Hour Sessions to put spotlight on Singapore music and art scene

Lomography Singapore has just announced the Blue Hour Sessions, a 6-part series featuring collaborations with local bands and graphic artists with an aim to document ground-breaking work in the local music scene.

Drawn from the French expression l’heure bleue, ‘The Blue Hour’ refers to the time before nightfall when the sun slips from sight and the sky falls into a deep blue – traditionally, this hour of day is seen to hold special significance because of the possibilities for unexpected collisions, liaisons and delirium.

From 13 November to 14 April, the Blue Hour Sessions will take place on the last Saturday of the month, with each session turning the spotlight on collaborative efforts between some of the most exciting bands and graphic artists of our generation.

Expect live sets with visual and audio installations, as well as the launch of special edition EPs (limited to a first-run of 36 copies) featuring rough cuts, unreleased demos, analogue prints, and zine artwork by the bands and graphic artists themselves.

Other Sounds is proud to be official online media partner of the the Blue Hour Sessions as it aims to put the spotlight back on local bands and graphic artists.

Blue Hour Sessions schedule

23 November
Tiramisu x fFurious
.gif x M-D-R-N
7nightsatsea x Heider of SSYSTM x Allison Marie Low

21 December
MUON x William Chan of TMRRW
Bani Haykal x Kristal Melson x SUSEJ

18 January
HEIZENBERG x Brandon Tay of Syndicate
Dream State Vision x StudioKALEIDO

22 February
sub:shaman x Marc Gabriel Loh
Space Days x Afiq Omar of Syndicate

29 March
Pleasantry x FROMPAMM
ANECHOIS x Izyanti Asa’ari x Wu Jun Han
Ellipsis x Ban-Fam

3 May
Astreal x MAKE
MONSTER CAT x DO NOT DESIGN x Afiq Omar of Syndicate
Chöd x Philipp Aldrup
Zirconia (feat. X’ho + Yeow of Zircon Lounge) x WHITELABEL x Lasse Marhaug

Update (17/12/13):

The Blue Hour Sessions exhibition and live showcases will now be held at Home Club:

27 December
MUON x William Chan of TMRRW
Dream State Vision x StudioKALEIDO

17 January
HEIZENBERG x Brandon Tay of Syndicate
Bani Haykal x  Kristal Melson

21 February
sub:shaman x Marc Gabriel Loh
Space Days x Afiq Omar of Syndicate

28 March
Pleasantry x FROMPAMM
ANECHOIS x Izyanti Asa’ari x Wu Jun Han
Ellipsis x Ban-Fam

2 May
Astreal x MAKE
MONSTER CAT x DO NOT DESIGN x Afiq Omar of Syndicate
Chöd x Philipp Aldrup

*Dates and line-ups are subject to change

By Katherine Pollock

IGNITE! Music Festival

with Weish, Enecdote, Take Cover, Bear Culture, The Sam Willows, The Summer State, Arajua, Youthwreck, We The Thousands, Barricade, The Sets Band, Tiramisu, West Grand Boulevard, A Vacant Affair, Caracal

Republic Polytechnic Lawn
23-24 August 2013

Photos by Jared Rezel

IGNITE! Music Festival announces full line-up of local talent

Republic Polytechnic (RP) will host the sixth year of IGNITE! Music Festival on 23 and 24 August 2013, offering Singapore music fans a chance to see some of the most acclaimed local bands ‘live’ in action for free.

Spurred on by positive reviews from the local media and music industry, more than 300 RP students have helped put together the student-driven music festival this year, one of the longest running music events in the country, with more than 20,000 people have been a part of the experience at IGNITE! since the inaugural event in 2008.

Having secured both fan favourites and new acts, the festival’s 2013 edition aims to introduce and garner greater support for local music. It is admirable that year on year, they have continued to programme the event with a wholly Singaporean line-up.

Sixteen bands will take to the stage this year, including crowd favourites Caracal, who will be performing at the festival for the fourth time, and Tiramisu, who is performing the second year in a row. Other highly anticipated acts include West Grand Boulevard, A Vacant AffairWe the Thousands, Barricade and Youthwreck, as well as newer bands like as The Sam Willows and The Summer State.

IGNITE! is as much about the music as it is about promoting youth volunteerism through music, and the theme presented this year is that of Passion & Compassion. The booths of volunteer welfare organizatinos such as RP’s Service Learning ClubBeyond Social Services, and more will be housed within the festival village.

IGNITE! Music Festival 2013 line-up*:
RP’s Replug Interest Group
RP’s Jammerz Arena
Enec. E
Take Cover
Bear Culture
The Sam Willows
The Summer State
We The Thousands
The Sets Band
West Grand Boulevard
A Vacant Affair

*Line-up subject to changes without prior notice

IGNITE! Music Festival
Republic Polytechnic Lawn
23-24 August 2013

By Cindy Tan