Taking Back Sunday stream new album, ‘Happiness Is’

Following a show to a packed out audience in Singapore last week, Taking Back Sunday have just announced that fans can now hear a pre-release stream of their new album, Happiness Is on YouTube.

The album is set to drop on 18 March via Hopeless Records, following the single and video release for ‘Stood A Chance’.

[youtube width=”457″ height=”343″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHrNeaSdDb0&feature=share&list=PLA58B56E9D972C3CF&index=2[/youtube]

Happiness Is was produced by Marc Jacob Hudson and Mike Sapone, and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer.

With the spirit of resilience and innovation dripping all over the band’s sixth full-length, the album addresses some heady concepts, but it simultaneously showcases a new musical and conceptual leap for this band of mainstream misfits that’s sure to endear them to fans both new and old.

Pre-order Happiness Is here. ‘Stood A Chance’ is available for purchase on iTunes.

By Cindy Tan

Taking Back Sunday @ *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre (2.03.14)

Ah, the *SCAPE theatre. What once used to be called the *SCAPE Warehouse has now been rebranded The Ground Theatre. Probably only really known by the old timers in the scene, these days not many acts play there, most promoters forgoing the small theatre for more sprawling spaces like Fort Canning or The Coliseum.

Not that the choice of venue mattered to the fans on Sunday night. Twelve years after the band releases their first album, this is the first time Taking Back Sunday lands on our shores. With so many fans aching to see them live, the band could have played an acoustic set in the dumpster using only garbage cans and still be performing to a full house. And they’d still probably make a good show out of it, too!

Sometimes, all you need is a solid crowd to make a lukewarm performance blazing hot. Opening act The Cave was proof of that. While fairly competent, the band’s songs were as generically punk rock as vanilla ice cream is generically ice cream. And yet, all it took was a small group of loud New Yorkers jumping up and down and rocking hard to get a good portion of the crowd to follow suit. They weren’t up there for very long, most opening acts aren’t, but it did set the tone and stage for what would probably be one of the most intense and energy-packed performance of the year (so far, at least!).

Now, the *SCAPE theatre is hardly the best venue for a concert. It’s not the most spacious, and the sound is quite frankly, terrible; in fact, so soft that Lazarra’s voice could hardly be heard for a big portion of the set. The point is though, that none of these problems mattered: all that was needed that night was for enough fans to get wild while the band played on stage. And boy were they wild.

That’s not to say the band’s performance was not stellar, though. They were great. Lazarra should give lessons in flair and frontmanning; he’d earn a fortune and we’d be all the better off for it. At one point he threw the microphone halfway across the stage only to jerk it back straight into his hand again… it kind of makes you wonder if the reason why he couldn’t be heard singing half the time was because the microphone snapped while he was swinging it around so much! Not that the lack of Lazarra’s voice really mattered; the crowd was singing along so loudly and so enthusiastically that they drowned out everything else most of the time.

The band threw out song after song, from unanimously loved ‘Liar (It takes One To Know One)’ to old hit ‘You’re So Last Summer’ to recent release ‘Flicker, Fade’. And the crowd was wild. People jumped up and down enthusiastically. Mosh pits were formed throughout the crowd as the audience threw themselves at each other. The pace and energy were relentless. Even the slow ballads had at least half a dozen people surfing on crowds from the back of the room to the front.

It has been a long time coming for Taking Back Sunday’s inaugural gig here in Singapore. Was it worth the wait? The answer could be heard in the crowd’s cheers for the band throughout the hour and a half: a resounding yes.

By Joel Teo

Taking Back Sunday announces new album and first ever Singapore show

Scene kids across the island collectively wet their pants today when Upsurge Productions announced Taking Back Sunday’s first ever show in Singapore. For a band that was formed nearly 15 years ago, it is long overdue  — but better late than never right?

The tour also coincides with the Long Island band’s release of their latest album, Happiness Is, due for release on 18 March.

Taking Back Sunday announces new album and first ever Singapore show

The band will be playing on 2 March at SCAPE’s Ground Theatre. The venue is a slight surprise, but one must give Upsurge a thumbs up for continuing to keep costs low for concert go-ers. A $58 price tag for a ticket to see an international hit is pretty much unheard of in Singapore.

“There are quite a number of fans who have been waiting a long time for the band to play here, and we’re happy to have made that dream come true”, say promoters Mae Ng and Lizanne Teo.

Fans can likely expect old favourites as well as tracks off their fresh unreleased album, an exciting prospect, since this is the first album since 2002’s Tell All Your Friends with no involvement from a record label. With their reputation for breath-taking performances, it is a night not to be missed, for fans both old and new.

Taking Back Sunday
SCAPE – The Ground Theatre
Sunday, 2 March 2014
$58 (early bird), $68 (standard)
$98 (‘Happiness Is Fans’ package: includes Happiness Is album, poster, and access to an autograph session)

Tickets available now at ApeSnap. ‘Happiness Is Fans’ package available at Inokii (Far East Plaza #03-30).

By Joel Teo

UK band Neck Deep joins Hopeless Records roster

Ever-growing US label Hopeless Records has just announced today, the addition of Wrexham, UK natives, Neck Deep to its continuously diversifying roster.

Formed in 2012, the pop-punk band is composed of vocalist Ben Barlow, guitarists Lloyd Roberts & Matt West, bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans and drummer Dani Washington. They are quickly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting and fastest rising names, with their live shows winning them fans both at home and across the Atlantic.

“Being a part of the Hopeless family feels like a real honour; it’s such a massive step in our band’s career. Being associated with such a reputable label and the incredible records they put out has given us a sense of responsibility to live up to these high standards, but we have worked incredibly hard to create a debut album that we feel will match up,” says the band in a joint statement.

Neck Deep are the first UK band to be signed to Hopeless Records, and the second addition to the label in a relatively quick succession of new signings in the past year, including Air Dubai, Kick Drums, and Taking Back Sunday.

The band is currently working towards releasing their debut full-length in the near future.

Watch the music video for ‘Part Of Me (feat. Laura Whiteside)’:

[youtube width=”457″ height=”343″]http://youtu.be/VOyYwzkQB98[/youtube]
By Cindy Tan