Blue Hour Sessions: The burning flair of 7nightsatsea

OS: Many instrumental bands work closely with visual artists for their live shows. What do you think of this? Complementary, or distracting to the music?
7nightsatsea: We think it’s definitely complementary. In a way, our music provides these visuals with energy and feeling, bringing them to life, like a ‘soundtrack’ of some sort. There’s a certain duality to it: these visuals give the story, and our music breathes emotion into it. As an instrumental band, it’s a little harder to connect with the audience because other bands usually have lyrics that people can relate to and sing along with — we don’t. So having things like visuals during our live sets definitely helps stimulate the connection between us, our music and the crowd.

You’ve collaborated with a number of musicians since forming not too long ago. How do you work with them, piecing all the different sounds together?
It’s been awesome to say the least, really. It’s exciting on so many levels, to be able to bring in other musicians and to have their input on things. It’s not the sort of thing where we ask them to come in and play a certain part in a specific way to add on to the song. We really do encourage them to bring whatever they have to the table, and just jam along to our songs. After all, that’s what music’s about — expression. It’s so interesting to see their takes and ideas on our music; it’s just invigorating to have fresh suggestions and to work from completely different angles.

Being strictly instrumental, how do you keep things fresh amongst the many other instrumental bands?
That was something this band sought to strive for since the beginning — having an identity. There are so many great instrumental bands around, so it’s really just a matter of experimenting and working to come up with new ideas.

Musically, we’ve always tried to step out of our comfort zones, not to be scared of taking that leap of faith. We always try to come up with ideas that haven’t been done before, but at the same time we reel everything in with the ‘7nights flair’, as we like to call it, just to make sure that it doesn’t get too confusing.

You put up some pretty energetic shows. Describe the ultimate show of your dreams.
It’s not forced or anything, we just like to let the music take control of us. Honestly, that’s hard to describe. At this point, we’re just humbled that people take interest in our music and actually turn up for our shows! Of course, we’re all dreamers in some way. I guess the ultimate show of our dreams would be in a room full of people letting loose and going as crazy as we do on the stage. Just being free and letting the music take over.

What is the ideal set-up for listening to your music; how would you like people to best enjoy your music?
Keeping an open mind throughout, definitely. We like to think that our music provides the canvas, but our listeners paint their own picture of it.

We’ve always designed our songs in such a way that you can connect to it on an emotional level. Just let loose and let it take you on a ride.

How do you feel about working with Heider of SSYSTM? What can we expect from Saturday’s show?
Heider’s a really good buddy of ours; we’ve worked with him before so we have a lot of trust in him and what he does. He’s massively talented and his creativity just speaks for itself in all his works. We love him and we’ll always be appreciative of what he’s done for this band.

As for this Saturday’s show, I guess you’ll just have to come down and see for yourself now, won’t you?



By Jared Rezel

Lomography Blue Hour Sessions
with Tiramisu, .gif, and 7nightsatsea
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Saturday, 23 November