Re-united Slowdive announces first ever Singapore show

Just months after bringing in genre leaders Foals and Explosions in the Sky, Symmetry Entertainment has announced its latest show – Slowdive, live at *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre, on 31 July 2014.

Slowdive, the acclaimed band behind the immaculately paced, fuzzy tremolo-infused pop sound of the early ‘90s, has reformed with the full line-up from its Souvlaki days. Twenty years after releasing Pygmalion, the band has resumed “making some noise back in Reading together.” And with its somewhat small but fervent population of shoegaze devotees that have attracted the likes of Yo La Tengo and Deafheaven (playing here in May), Singapore seems a more than befitting stop in Southeast Asia.

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Peculiarly, or coincidental as it may be, Slowdive’s reunion materialises at a time when several of their ‘90s peers have staged returns to music making. Will they follow the lead of Neutral Milk Hotel and bank on worn classics? (Not that anyone attending the upcoming gigs will mind.) Or will the band step into the spotlight again with an impeccable new record à la My Bloody Valentine? Only time will tell, but all fingers will be crossed for a release bearing the aesthetic and mythological mantle Pygmalion shares with the similarly named George Bernard Shaw play.

Another interesting question that arises is whether Slowdive’s new shows would inadvertently draw those who link them to their ‘cool’ ‘90s contemporaries. ‘90s dream pop bands, even those at the denser end of spectrum, have seen their sepia icons splashed across way too many blogs parading hazy lyrics, amalgamating any band with the slightest hint of daydream guitar. There is, however, no reason to be all that pessimistic. After all, modern communication enabled a good number of fans to find Slowdive long after its 1994 closing act.

There will be expectations to realise and Slowdive has much to catch up on with its members rejoining from their various diverse projects. The band, though, has a solid catalogue of articulate pieces of music that will certainly be a pleasing and cathartic return to. Surely they won’t go wrong playing those.

*SCAPE, The Ground Theatre
Thursday, 31 July
$75 (early bird), $90 (standard), $100 (at the door)
Tickets available 16 April at EventClique.

By Edward Eng