Lomography’s Blue Hour Sessions to put spotlight on Singapore music and art scene

Lomography Singapore has just announced the Blue Hour Sessions, a 6-part series featuring collaborations with local bands and graphic artists with an aim to document ground-breaking work in the local music scene.

Drawn from the French expression l’heure bleue, ‘The Blue Hour’ refers to the time before nightfall when the sun slips from sight and the sky falls into a deep blue – traditionally, this hour of day is seen to hold special significance because of the possibilities for unexpected collisions, liaisons and delirium.

From 13 November to 14 April, the Blue Hour Sessions will take place on the last Saturday of the month, with each session turning the spotlight on collaborative efforts between some of the most exciting bands and graphic artists of our generation.

Expect live sets with visual and audio installations, as well as the launch of special edition EPs (limited to a first-run of 36 copies) featuring rough cuts, unreleased demos, analogue prints, and zine artwork by the bands and graphic artists themselves.

Other Sounds is proud to be official online media partner of the the Blue Hour Sessions as it aims to put the spotlight back on local bands and graphic artists.

Blue Hour Sessions schedule

23 November
Tiramisu x fFurious
.gif x M-D-R-N
7nightsatsea x Heider of SSYSTM x Allison Marie Low

21 December
MUON x William Chan of TMRRW
Bani Haykal x Kristal Melson x SUSEJ

18 January
HEIZENBERG x Brandon Tay of Syndicate
Dream State Vision x StudioKALEIDO

22 February
sub:shaman x Marc Gabriel Loh
Space Days x Afiq Omar of Syndicate

29 March
Pleasantry x FROMPAMM
ANECHOIS x Izyanti Asa’ari x Wu Jun Han
Ellipsis x Ban-Fam

3 May
Astreal x MAKE
MONSTER CAT x DO NOT DESIGN x Afiq Omar of Syndicate
Chöd x Philipp Aldrup
Zirconia (feat. X’ho + Yeow of Zircon Lounge) x WHITELABEL x Lasse Marhaug

Update (17/12/13):

The Blue Hour Sessions exhibition and live showcases will now be held at Home Club:

27 December
MUON x William Chan of TMRRW
Dream State Vision x StudioKALEIDO

17 January
HEIZENBERG x Brandon Tay of Syndicate
Bani Haykal x  Kristal Melson

21 February
sub:shaman x Marc Gabriel Loh
Space Days x Afiq Omar of Syndicate

28 March
Pleasantry x FROMPAMM
ANECHOIS x Izyanti Asa’ari x Wu Jun Han
Ellipsis x Ban-Fam

2 May
Astreal x MAKE
MONSTER CAT x DO NOT DESIGN x Afiq Omar of Syndicate
Chöd x Philipp Aldrup

*Dates and line-ups are subject to change

By Katherine Pollock

Playing Favourites: Aloysius Lim

It started with a knee injury that left him on medical leave for two months. In that short span of time, he developed a keen interest in Lomography and subsequently music photography. Six years on, Aloysius Lim is one of Singapore’s top music and entertainment photographers, and has to date photographed some of the world’s biggest artists such as Green Day, Morrissey, Linkin Park, Kylie Minogue, The Smashing Pumpkins and Elton John. We interview the father of one and avid soccer fan about his journey and life in the photo pit so far.

What was the first gig you ever shot?
The first local show would be Electrico back in 2003 when they played a set for the World Cyber Games. I shot that for fun with the family’s point and shoot camera. My first big gig was Franz Ferdinand in 2006.

Who is your favourite photographer?
I don’t really have a favourite photographer but I do love Todd Owyoung’s work a lot. He’s been a great inspiration and help when I started out.

Who has been your favourite artist to shoot so far?
There are a few but if I had to pick one it would be Switchfoot. They were the first band I encountered who allowed us photographers to shoot their entire show when they first came in 2008. Paramore comes in a close second. Their set is full of energy with great lights and all of them love playing for the camera.

Is there a band you dream of shooting one day?
There are many still on the bucket list but for now it would probably be KISS.

What is the last song you listened to on your iPhone/mobile device/iPod/whatever?
Astreal’s Fragment of the Same Dead Star right now as I’m answering this. Actually, the song ‘Death and Glitter’ just ended.

What are five things you always bring to a gig?
Besides the usual camera, lenses and camera bag;
1. Earplugs
2. A packet of tissues
3. Business cards
4. Lanyard with pass holder
5. A pen

If you could only pick one lens to work with which one would it be?
The 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

Tell us some funny or interesting stories you have from shooting gigs.
I have so many! I’ve made many, many friends from gigs and being involved in the music community. It’s always nice going to gigs with friends or even seeing people you know or recognise at shows. When Paramore first came, I took a few photos I really liked; Hayley actually posted one of them on her Tumblr and used another for her Twitter profile pic for a while. Later, when they came to Singapore for the second time, I’d hoped to pass Hayley a print. When I got the chance to say a quick hello, I was stopped by her management who wanted her to prepare for the show. I quickly took the print out and showed it to her and she immediately recognised it and asked if I was the one who took it. I said yes, asked her to sign a print for myself and gave her a copy. We took a quick photo and she went back to her dressing room.

Do you have any good luck items?

Favourite colour lighting?
Anything but red!

Pink or purple?
I like both actually. Ok, purple.

The best tip you can give to young gig photographers?
Learn to respect your work and yourself. Only then people will respect you and your work.

By Dawn Chua