The Ghost Inside @ The Substation Theatre (12.05.2013)

We’ve been waiting a long time for The Ghost Inside to play in Singapore and they did not disappoint, bringing their catchy melodies and honest lyrics to The Substation Theatre on Sunday for an incredible first show.

Thai-based outfit Annalynn opened the night but as it always goes with opening bands, they had a tough time making an impression on us. It didn’t help that they are relatively unknown here but nevertheless, they made hopeful attempts to get us to clap and jump along throughout their set. Their persistence did pay off in the end as they laid down breakdown after breakdown, and eased us into the familiarity of a hardcore show.

By the time A Town In Fear took to the stage, the room was in full force as the band chugged away. The band’s music was straight up and in-your-face, and vocalist Linus must be credited for stubbornly insisting us to form a circle pit every song. The band tirelessly ripped through songs like ‘Unparalleled’ and ‘Milestones’ as though they’d been playing all their lives. Truth be told, between the wild antics and almost-fights, we were all really all just getting warmed up for The Ghost Inside, whose appearance onstage was met with loud cheers.

After a short soundcheck, the band blazed in with ‘Greater Distance’. Vocalist Jonathan Vigil was just as ferocious live as he is on records. The rest of the band didn’t hold up too shabby either, playing with enough force to stop a train. The band were thoroughly impressed by the enthusiasm held by the crowd, having no idea that they would get such a massive reception. You could just see the genuine pleasure they had in having the privilege of playing such a great show, promoting Vigil to say, “A few years back, we didn’t even get crowds like this at home.”

And rightly so. From the moment The Ghost Inside played the first note, we had gone all but insane. We’d finally found our feet, stage diving every five seconds and singing out as loud as we could when Vigil directed the microphone at us. There were breakdowns and gang vocals aplenty with fan favourites ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Chrono. Between songs, Vigil would talk to us about how he learned so much from playing music and how it helped him through his darkest times.

The band were comfortably playing their final song Dark Horse’ when the power cut out to the guitar amps halfway. A painfully awkward silence fell over the venue but the issue was quickly resolved. The band then talked it over and decided to play another song instead, ‘Test the Limits’, a nice surprise as they’d never performed it live before.

We still hadn’t had enough though, and the crowd demanded an encore which the band kindly obliged to. They returned onstage once more and broke into ‘Engine 45’, their lead single from Get What You Give. The show quickly turned into complete chaos with half of us getting up on stage until there was no room to move. Although sweaty and exhausted, we ended the night with a resounding refrain from the song.

For those of us who have been listening to The Ghost Inside since Fury and the Fallen Ones, it was an incredible experience to finally see them live. But it can’t compare to the knowledge that the band had enjoyed themselves so much that they’d declared this to be the best stop of the tour and promised to return soon.

By Izzan Haziq