Jared Rezel

Whenever I’m plugged in, I’m probably imagining the really epic gig of whatever band I’m listening to. And it’s just way more fun when I can capture actual moments to fuel my vivid imagination.

Mayday Parade @ *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre (6.03.14)
“Bangarang”! Crazy moments and superstitions with Mayday Parade
The burning flair of 7nightsatsea
Fall Out Boy @ Fort Canning Park (6.08.13)
Two Seas – I Will See You In Empty Spaces EP
Are Singaporeans paying too much for concerts?
Identite – The 100th Show @ Home Club (12.07.13)
Paramore – s/t
Timbre Rock & Roots @ Fort Canning Green (21-22.03.13)
Pierce The Veil @ Scape Warehouse (15.02.13)

Four Tet
Identite 10.3 – Sayonara Superboy
múm, Wavves, and Shelves
This Will Destroy You
The Radio Dept.
Timbre Rock & Roots
Poptart’s 8th birthday with Clock Opera