Blue Hour Sessions: HEIZENBERG is here to stay

OS: Hi guys! Let’s start off with names. That’s a real interesting band name there, Heizenberg. Is it safe to say that you two are huge Breaking Bad fans?
HEIZENBERG: Not really. We just liked the ring to it and what it seemed to connote, from the scientific principle to the television character and more. That said, we have clocked in our hours watching the show, though not religiously.

Heizenberg is a relative newcomer to the music scene. Were both of you involved in any projects or bands before this?
H: We’ve been involved in various projects, notably Syai was in Monster Cat previously and Nick in MUON.

How would you compare the local electronic music scene to other countries? What would you like to see more of?
H: We can’t say we know much beyond the ideas of a tourist what it’s like elsewhere. The scene here has certainly come into its own but there’s always room for expansion. It’s great to have different people into the things they do, creating little pockets of interest and experience, whether it’s in the form of collectives or communities.

Beyond new stuff, we’d like to see more continuity within stuff that’s been around.

We’ve heard the mix presented for the Good Times party. It’s got a real edgy vibe to it — almost an ethereal version of Death Grips. Are the vocals sampled?
H: Yeah, certain bits of vocals were our own and some sampled. We try to fit in stuff that we’d want to hear more of ourselves.

There’s an album in the works at the moment. Can you tell us a little about it?
H: We’re currently in the final stages of mixing for the album. It’s a collection of songs from a certain period and reflects a particular sonic approach and style — electronic and beat-driven with a focus on very simple and tangible arrangements.





By Evan Woon

Lomography Blue Hour Sessions
with HEIZENBERG, Intriguant, and Marcel Thee (ID)
Home Club
Friday, 24 January
$12 at the door