The Other Sounds: September

Finding out your favourite band has done a cover of a great song, always feels like getting that bonus strand of Kway Teow in your bowl of Fishball Bee Hoon Soup.  It’s even more awesome when said favourite band releases a song that’s completely different from their usual sound – then, it feels like finishing your Bee Hoon and discovering a bonus meatball at the bottom of the bowl.

It just goes to show that sometimes, not playing by the rules can really lead to pretty amazing stuff.

Here are our favourite out-of-the-ordinary music from our favourite bands.

1. Nation of Ulysses / Depression III
2. The Beach Boys / Wild Honey
3. Brian Jonestown Massacre /  Detka, Detka, Detka
4. The Strokes / One Way Trigger
5. Depeche Mode / Somebody
6. Tegan & Sara / I Was A Fool
7. Blur / Out Of Time
8. Superstar / Sonic Youth
9. Queens of the Stone Age / I Was A Teenage Hand Model
10. Skream / Rollercoaster ft. Sam Frank
11. Primal Scream / Accelarator
12. MBV / New You
13. Pavement / 5-4=Unity
14. Squarepusher / Stadium Ice
15. Andre 3000 / My Favourite Things

[youtube width=”457″ height=”343″][/youtube]
By Zixin Lin