The Other Sounds: November

We all love mixtapes, because they’re like an anthology of poems a secret admirer took the trouble to compile for you and that you can sing along to. But, like secret admirers, you also don’t get many once you graduate from high school. So, starting this November, we’re making you monthly mixtapes! Yes, you. Aren’t you just the special-est readers in the world! They’ll be a potpourri of what’s currently on heavy rotation in the office and in our bedrooms.

This month’s perky playlist spans from experimental synths and sublime ambient guitars to some unadulterated pop and R&B. We’ve also thrown in some folk and electronic rock for good measure. It’s a decidedly cheery list looking to an optimistic conclusion to the year, with some room left for reflection and me-time.

1. Suedehead / I Believe In Love
2. Crystal Castles / Affection
3. The Big Pink / Rubbernecking
4. Billow Observatory / Pankalia
5. Fiona Apple / Anything We Want
6. Macklemore / Can’t Hold Us
7. Jessie Ware / Wildest Moments
8. Driver Friendly / Ghosts
9. Cloud Nothings / Stay Useless
10. Cat Power / Nothin’ But Time
11. The White Birch / Breathe
12. Panama / It’s Not Over

[youtube width=”457″ height=”343″][/youtube]
By Zixin Lin