The Other Sounds: Hot, hot May

You know that feeling.

You’re flushed, blushing with breathlessness. You feel your body’s temperature rise as your heart palpitates wildly. Beads of sweat are trickling down your back, and your glistening bosom is heaving with each pant.

That’s right. Summer is here, and things are really starting to heat up in here. Here are our hottest picks for May: the sweatiest, sexiest songs. Grab your lover. Or, if lacking one, your towel.

1. Carsick Cars / Zhong Nan Hai
2. Go Chic / Culture Supervisor
3. Dave Matthews Band / Crash Into Me
4. Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear / Doin It Right
5. Broken Social Scene / Lover’s Spit
6. Lovage / Sex (I’m A)
7. Flying Lotus feat. Thom Yorke / Electric Candyman
8. The Aikiu / Pieces of Gold
9. Trophy Wife / Microlite
10. Chumbawamba / Tubthumping
11. Ariel Pink / Is This The Best Spot?
12. Touch Sensitive / Pizza Guy
13. Pink Mountaintops / Sweet 69
14. Bicep / Vision of Love
15. Cut Copy / Hearts On Fire
16. Matthew Dear / Neighbourhoods
17. The Brian Jonestown Massacre / Love

[youtube width=”457″ height=”343″][/youtube]
By Zixin Lin