The Other Sounds: July

So the 2013 National Day Parade song was — how do we put this nicely — a complete and utter flop. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your August in silence!

For all its media controls, expensive venues, yadda yadda, you know you still love the Singaporean music scene to bits. There are 11 days left to National Day, and in the spirit of chest-beating national pride, July’s playlist is 100% Singaporean. Born and bred, double confirm plus chop.

Here are our absolute favouritest songs ever from these shores: from old-time players like Force Vomit and The Observatory, to rising stars (and crescent hurhurhur) like Cashew Chemists and Pleasantry. Against the backdrop of a National Conversation discussing what the ‘Singaporean identity’ means, encompasses, or sadly excludes, it might be good to remind yourself how much of a melting-pot of cultures and genres we’re meant to be.

1. Cashew Chemists / Not In Love
2. Yuji Kamagai / War With Herself
3. Shelves / Against A Wall
4. The Pinholes / Preferably
5. Caracal / Bruce Banner Made A Big Mess
6. Sherene’s Closet / Over
7. Plainsunset / Girl On Queen Street
8. A Vacant Affair / Mirrors
9. B-Quartet / Stupid Luxury
10. 53A / Falling Into You
11. Force Vomit / Siti
12. Elektone / Damn This Disco
13. The Observatory / Headworm
14. The Analog Girl / April
15. Gema / I Couldn’t Be there
16. Monster Cat / Underwater
17. Pleasantry / Near And Dear
18. Nightlight / The Sam Willows
19. Villes / The Levy
20. West Grand Boulevard / Now We Will
21. Trella / The Gavel And The Block
22. 细水长流 / 梁文福

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By Zixin Lin