The Other Sounds: January

How did you start 2013? Semi-conscious on a cocktail of substances? Losing your marbles, sense of decorum, and many other less mentionable things at Zoukout? Moping at home alone wondering what you’re doing with your life the last and next year and thinking what the hell those people are celebrating? Writing a new list of resolutions you’ll ditch in the next 48 hours?

At Other Sounds, we prefer to keep things real and usher in the new year with the one thing that’ll stay constant in our lives. So here’s our compilation of the music that crossed the new-year threshold with us — the first songs we listened to in 2013:

1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra / So Good At Being In Trouble
2. City and Colour / The Girl
3. Paper Route / Second Chances
4. Stars / Fixed
5. The Sound Of Animals Fighting / Act II: All Is Ash or the Light Shining through It
6. Burial / Truant
7. Obstacle 1 / Interpol
8. Toro Y Moi / So Many Details
9. Clinic / Miss You
10. Deftones / Back To School (Mini Maggit)
11. Mint Julep / I Never Wanted You (Headphones Cover)

[youtube width=”457″ height=”343″][/youtube]

Happy 2013!

By Zixin Lin