The Final 1: Drink ’til you drop

Ever watched The Final 1?

No, me neither. But we all enjoy the occasional drink. So if it happens that you have nothing to do on the night of 20 August, here are a few more excuses to polish off that bottle.

The Final 1: Drink 'til you drop


1. TAKE A SIP whenever a judge or contestant commends the supporting ‘band’.

2. TAKE A SIP each time a contestant goes out of tune.

3. BUY EVERYONE A ROUND if a judge compliments Farisha’s appearance before her singing.

4. DOWN A SHOT every time the TV turns from color to black & white (you know, for dramatic effect).

5. FINISH YOUR DRINK whenever Shaun bites his lip.

6. FREE POUR while the judges struggle to find vocabulary besides ‘rockstar’ to describe Shaun.

7. FINISH THE BOTTLE when a tweet comes in making a pun on Farisha “going far”.

The Final 1: Drink 'til you drop
In all sincerity though, do watch the final two in the final Final 1 finale – the two contestants pack quite a punch. Farisha could be Singapore’s Kelly Clarkson, and Shaun our very own (English-speaking/singing) Korean popstar.

Follow the drama here: #teamfarisha #teamshaun #thefinal1sg

By Zixin Lin

Catch The Final 1 finale performance this Wednesday, 21 August 21 at 8pm, followed by the results at 10pm, on Channel 5.